My experience of 30days to healthy living

Can you believe it’s February? 30 days to healthy living complete! The first thing I noticed was how much better my sleep was then I’d say just after a week improvements in my skin. I’d put this all down to me now fueling my body with the nutrition it needed, rather than things it does not. I am loving the daily sachet of skin elixir - for healthy looking skin & hair. Personally I did the plan as I have to follow a gluten free lifestyle. The vegan and gluten free recipes

There’s a BRAZILIAN reasons to wax..

At we have a massive range of AWARD WINNING expert waxing products at your fingertips! Take our ADVANCED EXPERT RANGE for example.. EXPERT HOT WAX Advanced formula, extra FAST setting hot wax designed for outstanding COMFORT and perfect RESULTS. The firm yet FLEXIBLE formulation allows for CLEAN, EASY removal of all hair types from all areas of the face and body. This wax benefits from a VISUAL INDICATOR – when ready to remove the clear gel turns opaque. Ge

Let’s talk HYDRATION

Is your skin craving a refresh? I was in major NEED of HYDRATION due to our wonderful Scottish winter weather. I’ve started incorporating these products into my current skincare routine for targeted hydration and I’m loving the results. Bio-Hydria was created to deliver big on one thing HYDRATION. It’s important to know that ANY SKIN TYPE can become dehydrated — yes, even oily skin — so this regime truly is for everyone. Bio-Hydria Collection SOOTHING - HYDRATE - COOLING - D

Optimise how we feel, as well as how we look.

This month i have been looking at ways to improve the look of my skin and hair, up those energy levels and ultimately get a better nights sleep. If you follow any of my social media pages you will have spotted me posting pics and videos of some of my recipes and drinks. I’m not on a diet, I literally want to create healthy habits that are most importantly maintainable. Being a busy working mum it’s easy to slip into bad habits - preparation is key! Personally I found the

Positive Mind Strong Body Beautiful Skin

All set after the christmas break to kick off a new year with a healthy reset. Thankyou to all of you who have decided to take up the 30 days challenge with me. I’m here to support you in whatever way I can and importantly keep you motivated and on track to smashing your goals!! These next 30 days will act as a reset to establishing healthy habits. The program will also help support a balanced gut. So much of our bodies overall well-being is controlled by our gut, so suppo

Love yourself enough to live a healthy lifestyle!

NEW YEAR ahead....NEW HABITS afoot?! For me the 30 days to healthy living plan is a great place to start for a HEALTHY RESET. Your body works as a system where every function is connected, so when your diet and activity levels are balanced, you’re primed to reach your highest potential. Everyone has their own definition of what healthy living means: having more energy, losing weight, incorporating good eating habits, having radiant skin or improving self-esteem and happiness.


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It’s not hoarding if it’s SKINCARE

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Do you need a little..get up and GO

I had to share this one with you all.. Do you need a little.. Get Up & Go? A healthy supplement drink - Gluten Free, Vegan and only 13 calories. I’ve used my fizz sticks as a replacement to my morning coffee, but this would also be great when you start to feel that afternoon slump! Fizz Sticks are a quick dissolving, tasty way to create a refreshing drink 💦 Fizz Sticks feature essential B vitamins, which contribute to normal energy metabolism, and pantothentic acid, which co

Glitz & Glamour Kids Spa At Home

During lockdown we’ve all been busy keeping the kids occupied and entertained. My daughter loves getting involved with whatever I’m doing. Ive thought of a few kids spa at home treatments we can do together. Kids Spa At Home Facial. I needed this treatment desperately for myself so no hidden agenda here haha. Obviously kids don’t need facials, especially with their skin being so sensitive. Creating the younger ones an at home mask is something they can mix up themselves whic