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Optimise how we feel, as well as how we look.

This month i have been looking at ways to improve the look of my skin and hair, up those energy levels and ultimately get a better nights sleep. If you follow any of my social media pages you will have spotted me posting pics and videos of some of my recipes and drinks. I’m not on a diet, I literally want to create healthy habits that are most importantly maintainable. Being a busy working mum it’s easy to slip into bad habits - preparation is key! Personally I found the 30 days to healthy living programme was a great fit for me. These 30 days act as a reset to establishing healthy habits. The program will also help support a balanced gut. So much of our bodies overall well-being is controlled by our gut, so supporting this area of our body will help optimise how we feel, as well as how we look.

Whatever your reason, Arbonne's nutritional supplements are formulated to help you develop effective eating and exercise patterns NOURISHING your MIND, BODY AND SKIN. If like me you’ve been making changes to incorporate a healthier lifestyle or want to make a start then these nutrition packed goodies will be right up your street.

This weekend saw TWO limited edition Arbonne flavours launching, while stocks last...

• Mint Chocolate Protein

• Lemon & Lime Fizz Sticks - Up Your Energy (apparently they taste like a calippo ice pop)

Mmmmm... I’m excited to make some healthy mint chocolate brownies very soon 😋

If you fancy getting your hands on any of these limited edition flavours, want to find out more about the 30 days to healthy living programme or just want to know the huge range of nutritional goodies Glitz & Glamour have to offer - I’m here to help. Simply DM me. I can offer my recommendations and have it DELIVERED to your door 🚪📦

Happy Saturday folks, hope your all keeping well!

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