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My experience of 30days to healthy living

Can you believe it’s February? 30 days to healthy living complete!

The first thing I noticed was how much better my sleep was then I’d say just after a week improvements in my skin. I’d put this all down to me now fueling my body with the nutrition it needed, rather than things it does not. I am loving the daily sachet of skin elixir - for healthy looking skin & hair.

Personally I did the plan as I have to follow a gluten free lifestyle. The vegan and gluten free recipes gave my weekly shop a much needed freshen up, the protein shakes were actually really tasty and you never bored of them as they were so adaptable. For the snackers out there just like me having healthier snacks on hand meant better snack choices and you never felt like you were ever missing out. They make a yummy protein bar which comes in lemon drizzle or chocolate flavour.

A great coffee or a can of fizzy pop would be my vice so for these I made simple changes to my daily routine. If I felt I needed a wee energy boost during the afternoon, i opted for a fizz stick, they have a ton of flavours and Glitz & Glamour are stockists of all things Arbonne, so I’d have a different flavour 7 days a week! I swapped my coffee for herbal tea we have three different herbal tea bags available - my new favourite is cleanTox. Now I can see the horror with all the coffee lovers - don’t worry I had a substitute Coffee Protein and it’s delicious, yeah it makes for the tastiest drinks and eats!

Now I’m no chef, but I found planning on a Sunday what family meals id make for the week meant I was organised, had everything we needed to hand and was pleasantly surprised at how little food waste we had, like literally none.

I said I’d let you all know how it all went down with Jason and Aspen and I won’t lie! On week one day five i think it was, I made a pork recipe which consisted of lots of veg and a red onion chutney type thing, well the two of there faces. They looked at it and said no way and promptly called for a chinese takeaway haha, I think I did well. The greens balance is suitable for 4years and up, so if any of you mums and dads out there are trying to get your family to get there fruits and veg and it’s a constant battle, sneak a scoop of the greens balance in with your cooking 😉

Combining all of this with being active really has made me feel fit. Well Done to everyone who took part in the January group you’ve all done amazingly. I’m loving it so much, it’s not to late for you to join me for the February group and create those healthier habits.

Talking of February the month of LOVE I want to share the LOVE by giving you all the chance to try any of the nutritional products with an exclusive Glitz & Glamour DISCOUNT - for the next 48HRS.

Perhaps doing a complete 30days pack isn’t for you? that’s no issue as everything is sold separately as everyones health goals are going to be different ...what better time to top up your goodies from January or simply just give something new a try.

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