There’s a BRAZILIAN reasons to wax..

At we have a massive range of AWARD WINNING expert waxing products at your fingertips! Take our ADVANCED EXPERT RANGE for example..


Advanced formula, extra FAST setting hot wax designed for outstanding COMFORT and perfect RESULTS. The firm yet FLEXIBLE formulation allows for CLEAN, EASY removal of all hair types from all areas of the face and body. This wax benefits from a VISUAL INDICATOR – when ready to remove the clear gel turns opaque. Gently fragranced and rosin free VEGAN. Perfect for sensitive skin and delicate areas.


Crystal blue strip wax that’s great on tough hair and KIND to skin. SMOOTH, very thin application for perfectly CLEAN removal without any stickiness. Gently fragranced and rosin free VEGAN.

Don’t forget to pair it with one of our perfect PRE and POST waxing systems. CLEANSE & PRIME - PROTECT & CALM

Check out our full range of premium soft waxes, luxurious creme waxes, deliciously scented gel waxes and revolutionary hot waxes. With a rainbow of aromas, extracts, colours and formulas there’s a perfectly matched wax for everyone. Perfect for ALL HAIR TYPES and areas of waxing.


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