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Glitz & Glamour Kids Spa At Home

During lockdown we’ve all been busy keeping the kids occupied and entertained. My daughter loves getting involved with whatever I’m doing. Ive thought of a few kids spa at home treatments we can do together.

Kids Spa At Home Facial. I needed this treatment desperately for myself so no hidden agenda here haha. Obviously kids don’t need facials, especially with their skin being so sensitive. Creating the younger ones an at home mask is something they can mix up themselves which means it can get messy so you will need face towels at the ready. Give them options for scents such as chocolate or banana.

Chocolate Mask Mix unsweetened cocoa ,plain yogurt a little honey

Banana Mask Mix ripe banana ,plain yogurt a little honey

Apply the mask to face avoiding eye area and place two cucumber slices to closed eyes, this just adds to the giggles. I personally wouldn’t leave this on for more than a few mins on my daughter. For one she wouldn’t lay long enough so it’s a quick photo opportunity then off or it would be absolutely everywhere, but on an older child you could rinse it off after ten minutes.

Kids Spa At Home Manicure and Pedicure.

Enjoy a bubbly hand soak to condition and soften those overgrown cuticles, this also allows for a neat finish. Very gently file and shape the nails, if there older and will sit for longer I’d advise a base coat, helping them to grow longer and stronger – every girl’s dream.

Then apply the perfect polish with exciting fun colours to choose from plus who doesn’t love a bit of shimmer and sparkle. I advise never give a toddler too many colour choices or they end up like Aspen with what she calls rainbow toes 🌈 😂

Kids Spa At Home Makeover.

If you can’t go to Disney then the next best thing bring Disney to you with your very own Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boutique. Hang up a few of there Disney dresses, pull out some of your old jewellery. Hair and makeup at the ready, channel your inner fairy godmother lol. Blush, lippy and anything sparkly is a win win with my little one. ”What’s your name princess?” and take your inspiration for the hair style from the answer you get. Pleats, platz and buns are always popular but whatever it is make it quick. Those clip in hair pieces you can pick up for next to nothing from home bargains are great for this.

I will take some pics of us carrying out our beauty regime and post them lol, I would love to see yours too! If you need any tools to do the job pop onto my website where you can place your order and collect at your convenience. Deliveries also available.

Take Care

Lyn x

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