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Meet The Product

Every day this week I will USE a different product MYSELF and give you MEET THE PRODUCT


HOW TO USE mix contents of 1 stick pack with 500 ml of water 💦 HYDRATE before, during and after exercise


Delivers electrolytes to support hydration.

- Formulated for men and women aged 18 and older to support all levels of competitive activity

- Tropical berry flavour

- No artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners GLUTEN FREE

Hydration is critical before, during and after a workout for performance and recovery. Complete Hydration delivers a blend of electrolytes to support isotonic balance and rehydrates cells to promote proper muscle function. Vitamin C contributes to maintenance of normal function of the immune system during and after intense physical exercise and the protection of cells from oxidative stress. Complete Hydration also provides 3 botanicals — cayenne, ginseng and turmeric — to help carry you beyond the finish line.

MY THOUGHTS I work long hours and always on my feet. I’m notorious for never drinking enough water 🙈 I loved the refreshing tropical taste and this certainly kept me feeling super hydrated. Even when I kept going back to it inbetween clients it still kept its great taste. I know not what the product was intended for so purely my own experience here but il definitely be having one of these sachets at hand the morning after a few too many Prosecco’s, to get rid of the dreaded hydration headache - as they work a treat! 😂 here for all your beauty needs

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