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Roses are red, and so are your cheeks? Why you should lighten up your blush shade THIS AUTUMN

If your after a healthy glow we tend to go for the bronzer and highlighter. Adding blush to the apples of your cheeks is a quick way to inject a natural glow.

We all have that good old faithful in the makeup bag, that one you’ve had for years. I want to help you update your blush and choose a formula and colour that’s perfect for your skin tone.

Blusher can actually be used to help give you an instant face-lifting effect!

fair/light skin: soft pink, light coral, peach.

cool/pink undertones: for a natural look, soft pink. for a pop of colour, peach/coral.

warm/golden undertones: for a natural look, peach/coral. for a pop of colour, pink.

medium skin: rich pink, mauve, dark peach.

cool/pink undertones: for a natural look, rich pink or mauve. for a pop of colour,

dark peach.

warm/golden undertones: for a natural look, dark peach. for a pop of colour, rich pink or mauve.

dark skin: berry, fuchsia, warm brown, tangerine.

cool/pink undertones: for a natural look, fuchsia or light berry. for a pop of colour, tangerine.

warm/golden undertones: for a natural look, warm brown or tangerine. for a pop of colour, berry or pink.

If you're more into a dewy makeup look rather than a matte, gel or cream blushers are best. When you leave the house with the perfect blush and then later that day its like, where has it gone? it’s normally a sign you need to change your formula. If you have an oily skin go for a powder. If you're dry, I would go for a gel or cream blush.

When blush is too low on your face, it just drags everything down, so you look older than you really are. Move it up a little, and you get the reverse effect, an instant face-lifting effect. A good rule is to use the centre of your ears as a guideline for where the main colour should be.

There are a few brushes I’d recommend for achieving the look.

1.Blush Brush: do circle motions to apply and blend the blush.

2.Stippling Brush: dot on the blush and lightly circle to blend.

3.Blending Brush: do not use it to apply colour, just to clean, to buff everything out. 

Would you like Glitz & Glamour to help you reorganise your beauty bag essentials? Why not book a Glitz & Glamour Makeup Masterclass today! A one-to-one relaxed lesson covering a personalised day to evening makeup look.

Would your friends like to revamp their makeup look too? The more the merrier! Why not bring your own drinks and nibbles and enjoy a few hours of fun, picking up tips and tricks for your very own skin type and face shape.

Simply drop a message via the website or social media pages. Get ready to enhance your natural beauty!

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