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Wax Confidence

From the salon, mobile therapist to the waxing newbie, Glitz & Glamour want to help you feel completely confident about your wax choices. Here you’ll find the go to products and equipment, salon trends and training, we’re the go to brand to help the waxing professional. Our waxes aren’t only revolutionary but they also look cute on your shelves!

Award winning waxes are developed using the very latest technology and include the most advanced formulations. We’ve picked our Best Sellers but you can discover our full and extensive range on our website

Expert Range - Vegan

Its kind to skin, no alcohol, no rosin, low allergen making it ideal for both super sensitive skin and delicate areas for ultimate client comfort. What’s fantastic about Expert is the range of products, strip wax 450g pots, hot wax 700g resealable bags to name a few.

Soft Wax

High performance professional grade formulation. Strip wax 450g pot.

Tea Tree Creme Wax

High performance creme strip wax with naturally antiseptic tea tree. Strip wax 450g pot.

Cherry Blossom Gel Wax - Vegan

Delicious cherry blossom scented gel wax with jasmine oil. Unique formula allows for super thin application. Strip wax 450g pot.

Traditional Hot Wax Discs or Supergold Beads formulated with beeswax. Perfect for small areas of coarse hair, underarms and bikini line. The discs are available in handy 400g packs making them ideal for newbies to waxing and mobile therapists. If you require larger amounts then the beads come in 700g resealable bags.

Flexiwax Beads

Flexible, super grip, pliable! Grips the shortest of hairs making it ideal for underarms, face, brows and bikini. The attractive resealable 700g bags comes in either formulated with beeswax and tea tree or a best seller sensitive which has soothing lavender and aloe vera.

Multiflex Beads - Vegan

Revolutionary, 5th generation wax. A unique multi-directional stripless hot wax. Pliable super gentle = less pain! Perfect for intimate waxing. Available in pretty 700g resealable packaging. What’s better they come in a fantastic variety from Tea tree & calendula beads, berrylicious beads and lavender & aloe beads. Making this perfect for intimate waxing.

Glitz & Glamour have premium quality waxing spatulas and waxing strips in stock. The 450g strip wax pots are interchangeable. If you want to switch hot wax formulas then invest in some of our disposable inner pots. These come in handy packs of 5 and are suitable for warm, hot and paraffin wax too.

Not forgetting we have fantastic value wax heater kits available and stylish, sleek, easy touch digital control system wax heaters in stock.

We will continue our wax confidence blog tomorrow on our favourite pre and after wax salon trends and training.

Take Care

Lyn x

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