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RefectoCil Browista: Sensitive Range, Kits, Accessories and Essentials.

Following on from our RefectoCil Browista blog last week, today it’s all about the Refectocil Sensitive Range and the extensive range of kits and tools.

The RefectoCil range is fantastic, so many choices and all available at Glitz & Glamour.

RefectoCil Sensitive Range What’s the difference between RefectoCil oxidative tint and sensitive tints?

Oxidative tint

  • Mixing

  • Almost every colour pigment enters the hair shaft

Sensitive tint

  • 2 step system, no mixing

  • Colour pigments wrap themselves around the hair

The sensitive range offers 15ml tubes in colours medium brown, dark brown or black. You will need the sensitive developer gel 60ml based on silver nitrate for RefectoCil Sensitive tints. It’s easy to use and no dripping!

They have also developed a handy 150ml bottle of sensitive tint remover which removes stains that develop during tinting easily and quickly.

If your looking for a complete tinting kit for sensitive clients this contains all 3 sensitive colours, sensitive developer gel, sensitive tint remover, silicone pads, Browista palette and the FREE sensitive colour chart folder.

RefectoCil Starter Kits

If your looking for classic styles go for the starter kit - basic colours. For something a bit more creative I’d opt for the starter kit - creative colours. Both come with a style book to show you how to recreate current catwalk trends. They even have a mini lash and brow styling kit which is ideal for beginners. It contains all the products you would need for a brow and lash styling service.

RefectoCil Accessories - Application

Browista Palette & Browista Ring

Allows for a hands free brow and lash tinting for the first time. The palette can be worn on the back of the hand, the ring on whichever finger it fits best. Booth tools come with a marking for the ideal mixing ratio and 2 compartments where brow and lash tint can be mixed simultaneously.

Browista Tool Kit

The kit contains two brushes that allow finest detail work and are equipped with a rubber spookiest. Two application dishes are also part of the set. The bag is ideal for keeping brushes and dishes.

RefectoCil Accessories - Protection

Silicone Pads (10 pairs)

The silicone pads prevent unwanted staining of the skin. They are self-adhesive - no cream is needed. The soft, impermeable high-tech silicone is anti-slip, skin-friendly and matches any eye shape. Easy to clean and reusable up to 100 times.

Skin Protection Cream & Eye Mask 75ml

2 in 1! It protects the skin from stains and simultaneously acts as nourishing eye mask.

Eye Protection Papers (96pcs)

Refectocil eye protection papers protect the lower eyelids from unwanted staining.

Refectocil Essentials - Cleansers

Micellar Eye Makeup Remover 150ml

Strengthens lashes and attracts eye makeup thanks to micellar technology. It cleans thoroughly - no rubbing! For an ideal tinting result and long lasting duration use RefectoCil Micellar Eye Makeup Remover before styling the eye area. Oil free formula ideal for those Girls with false lashes!

Tint Remover 150ml

Removes stains that develop during tinting easily and quickly. Only suited to RefectoCil oxidative tints. For the sensitive tinting range use the sensitive tint remover.

RefectoCil Essentials - Developer

Oxidant 3% Liquid 100ml

The intensive developer ensures brilliant colour results and can be used without concern in the sensitive eye-area.

Oxidant 3% cream 100ml

Oxidant cream is characterised by its easy to mix texture. It ensures brilliant colour results and is a must for RefectoCil Blonde Brow.

If you cant find what your looking for on the website please don’t hesitate to get intouch as stock changes daily. You can contact thru chat on the website or social media Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

Take Care

Lyn x

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