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RefectoCil Browista

Certified Browista’s by RefectoCil know how to style brows and lashes according to face shape, hair and skin colour and personal style.

From extravagant to natural, tailor-made brow and lash styling perfects every look. Glitz & Glamour are proud RefectoCil stockists and thought it would be fun to share with you all some beauty tips and tricks of a RefectoCil Browista.

It’s all about the look!

A perfect match is the balayage trend in caramel shades combined with brows that are tinted one or two shades darker - a perfect frame for the face.

Wanted! Individual tailor-made look for everyday life!

Aside from the perfect hairstyle a matching brow style is needed. Brows are brought into perfect shape with RefectoCil brow styling and tinted in a type matching nuance.

Timeless styles, grey or white brows?

With graphite you can cover them up completely and give the face a perfect frame. For a dramatic look, lift the Eyelashes with our eyelash curl and then tint the lashes pure black

Snow storm or summer storm! Perfectly shaped and tinted brows or lashes are unable to be harmed, even by the strongest rainfall. RefectoCil graphite enhances any cool skin or hair type in a mind blowing way. Shape and colour lasts up to 6 weeks. Naturally smudge and waterproof.

Lashes with WOW power - simply separate and lift the lashes with eyelash lift and tint with pure black or blue/black and say hello to six weeks of perfectly styled lashes - no mascara or lash curler required. smudge and waterproof for a naturally dramatic look.

Attract attention and look amazing!

Platinum blonde hair and dark brows - contrast brows have became a major trend.

(After pic)

Bleach the brow!

A major trend on every runway bleached brows. Bleach them with blonde brow and then bring the brows into perfect shape. BROWISTA TIP for a perfect every day brow styling, blonde brow can be used to match the brows to the hair colour and create a harmonious look. (Before pic)

Warm shades for warm types - mixing each refectocil shade with a touch of chestnut or red enhances warm skin types in a fascinating way.

Perfectly styled - with light brown you can match hair colour and grey hairs and red undertones can be covered!

The RefectoCil range is fantastic, so many choices and all available at Glitz & Glamour. If you cant find what you need on the website please don’t hesitate to contact thru social media Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. Next in our RefectoCil blog feature we will cover the sensitive range, a look at there lash lift and lash curl systems and the extensive range of kits and tools.

Take Care

Lyn x

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