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Let's talk serums!

Serums are a skincare product you apply to your skin after cleansing but BEFORE moisturising! This allows all of it's powerful ingredients to directly penetrate the complexion making them the perfect tool for targeting specific skincare concerns!⁠

Kaeso has a range of different serums to suit every need.

Everyone say hello to their new holy grail.

The Luxe Facial Serum will brighten your skin and aid in restoring radiance, lost moisturiser and create a smooth, silky complexion.

Not only will our Radiance Booster Drops replenish your complexion, but will boost collagen production in the skin!

With continued use, signs of ageing will be reduced and skin will look fresh and more radiant.

Drop a little vitamin C into your skincare routine! 🍊

Infused with Vitamin C & E, these brightening drops will help to revive dull, tired complexions and give skin a smooth finish and healthy looking glow.

Hands up who wants to wake up with glowing, more radiant skin?

Formulated with Evening Primrose, Jojoba and Lavender Oil, our 'Dusk till Dawn' Sleep Oil will help to renew your skin, while you sleep 😴

Apply before you fall asleep for best results and our luxurious formula will help you relax before drifting off and you will rise with with a more toned, replenished complexion!

Next up is the Kaeso Anti-Ageing Facial Serum!

This gorgeous formula promotes oxygenation of skin cells and helps to boost collagen production. It improves the complexions radiance to give a healthy glow and works on the vital skin functions for visibly younger looking skin!

The perfect overnight treat!

Kaeso Elixir Facial Oil offers intensive hydration to moisturise the skin while the anti-oxidant properties of Mulberry and Fig fight against free radicals to help keep skin fresh and youthful.

If there is something you fancy DM and I can set it aside for you. I will be busy uploading the products onto the website over the weekend so you can shop them all at

Take Care

Lyn x

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