Glitz & Glamour want you to feel you’re getting the attention you deserve.

At Glitz & Glamour, we believe that each one of our clients is unique, which is why we are providing personalised guidance on selecting beauty products perfect for your specific needs.

We stand by our endless commitment to customer satisfaction by providing you with online beauty consultations to provide you with a unique to you Beauty Consultation Box.

A beauty consultation box is one of the best ways to drag yourself out of a beauty rut. Neatly packaged and competitively priced, they’re the perfect way to trial new products - and find your new favourites - without having to move from your sofa.

There’s flexibility when it comes to commitment too. Glitz & Glamour offer the chance to purchase one-off boxes, or have a monthly consultation with personally curated package land on your doorstep. (Often with added savings to boot)

Let us pamper you.

STEP 1. - Online Beauty Consultation with Glitz & Glamour

STEP 2. Personalised insta-worthy beauty package arrives at your door #glitz8glamour

STEP 3. Enjoy some much deserved selfcare

STEP 4. Loving the VIP service we provide? Why not subscribe to a monthly beauty consultation - your beauty needs can change from month to month and were currently living in uncertain times - that’s why your Glitz & Glamour beauty consultations have not one but four fabulous beauty box offerings to choose from





We have something for literally every beauty need, budget and your box is unique to you!

Simply visit our website for your Glitz & Glamour Beauty Consultation Box - You know you deserve it!

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