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Finally the time has arrived ladies... Non Surgical Body Sculpting Sessions are GO

Targeting areas such as the Tummy, Thighs, Bottom, Back and last but not least Arms. The machine also combats all skin concerns including cellulite reduction, skin tightening and toning.

A combination of four stages of your treatment causes fat cells to burst, causing the liquidised fat to run into the blood stream, we either move the liquidised fat by pushing it to the nearest lymph node for the body to drain through the lymphatic system, or I push them to a different area (yes you heard correctly... I can move those LOCKDOWN SPLURGES to some place else 🍑) in order to gain the shape the client so desires.

This could be from the backs of the legs into the BOOTY for a more rounded lifted appearance, or we can even melt the fat cells on the lower hips and pull them down to the top of the BOOTY to create a more lifted and youthful shape. .

FUN FACT one booty session is the equivalent of doing 5000 Squats! WoW

I love nothing more than making those TRANSFORMATIONS for you girls.


Bingo Wings BE GONE!


GOODBYE to unsightly fat and HELLO to a new TONED and TIGHT body! SAFE & FASTEST way to BOOST your rear appeal, SCULPT your curves and ERASE cellulite and stretch marks!

🍑Non Surgical


🍑Instant Results

🍑Tightens, Firms & Shapes

🍑No Downtime

Please dont hesitate to contact me for more details and I’m so happy we’ve finally got you girls who had been waiting for this treatment on the WISH LIST booked in for your appointments.

Take Care

Lyn x

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