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Dry Body Brushing..You’ve got to try this!

Calling all of my Tummy Tightening, Bingo Wings Be Gone, Back Fat Blasting, Thigh Gap Sculpting, Brazilian Booty Lifting girls!

Wow, it’s coming up to one year Glitz & Glamour have been carrying out our non surgical body sculpting treatments. Around this time I would normally offer my girls a maintenance session however, we’re in the middle of a lockdown. So I thought what better time to share with you my own tip for maintenance at home.


This is best done before jumping into your shower or bath as your skin must be dry. You will be glad to hear the process literally takes a few minutes. It will not only help your body metabolise toxins more efficiently, discourage fluid retention and cellulite, if you stick with it, it will give your skin a smoother feeling and firmer look. A quick brush is also a great way at keeping blogged pores or ingrown hairs at bay. If that wasn’t enough reasons to give dry body brushing a try it stimulates the lymphatic system, by doing this you are assisting in removing pathogens which will help strengthen your immune system.

I would have carried out my body brushing in an evening prior to the lockdown, however my routine has changed. Blood flow circulation is stimulated by the brushing, it gives your skin a much needed boost and your mind increased energy levels so now i prefer to do this in a morning.

Using your body brush, start at your feet and work strokes towards your knees then knees to hips. Then hands to shoulders. Do quick brush strokes in the direction of your heart rather than long slow ones. Continue with your stomach and chest sweeping clockwise. It should feel comfortable but stimulating enough to increase your circulation.

I use a Body Shop body brush there around £9.

You can carry this out as part of your daily bathing, until you can get booked in for your next body sculpting session. Why not make your bathing a ritual with a much needed pamper sesh? Team it with one of our Kaeso Collection Facial Kits £19.99 available on the website

For anyone who hasn’t tried Glitz & Glamour non surgical body sculpting treatment..

GOODBYE to unsightly fat and HELLO to a new toned and tight body!

SAFE & FASTEST way to BOOST your rear appeal, SCULPT your curves and ERASE cellulite and stretch marks.



🍑Instant Results




🍑No Downtime

please don’t hesitate to get intouch for more details either thru social media or our website

Take Care

Lyn x

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