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A quick click and you have your gift! even better a discount for you too!

Gift cards can now be purchased from our website shop at

Are you thinking of buying something as a gift? If your not sure what you should get as a present for someone you care about, opt for our Glitz & Glamour Gift Card. Our cards can be used for a beauty or hair treatment, one of our non surgical aesthetic treatments or to purchase the latest beauty products from our online store. You can even personalise your gift with your own special message! Once you’ve given the card away, your loved ones can purchase whatever they want in accordance with the amount of money you’ve selected. It’s that easy.

If you prefer to contact us thru social media this option is also available. What’s more if you purchase one of our gift cards from today thru Tuesday 12th May 2020 you will receive a discount of £2 OFF simply enter the code GIFTCARD at checkout. You can choose between delivery or a safe collection.

Take Care

Lyn x

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