Let's talk flower extracts

Who knew they ain’t just pretty to look at? Floral extracts contain vitamins and antioxidants that help moisturise, cleanse and soften skin, as well as fight early signs of ageing and free radical damage. Check out our natural Kaeso range available at glitz8glamour.com here for all your beauty needs. BOOKING REQUEST | Hair Beauty Makeup Nonsurgical Aesthetics LEARN | Glitz & Glamour Hair & Beauty Accredited Training Academy SHOP | Online Store BLOG | For Everything Glitz & Gl

You are just a few drops away from a BRIGHTENED more RADIANT complexion 🍊

Enriched with Vitamin C, this daily concentrate will leave the skin feeling REJUVENATED and RE-ENERGISED, while active ingredients will BRIGHTEN and restore RADIANCE back into tired skin! DM and il set a bottle aside for you. glitz8glamour.com here for all your beauty needs BOOK - SHOP - BLOG #glitz8glamour #beautyblogger #beautytips #beautysupplies #glowing #accreditedtrainingprovider #investinyourskin #beautytreatments #beautyaddict #skincare #vitaminc