Let's talk flower extracts

Who knew they ain’t just pretty to look at? Floral extracts contain vitamins and antioxidants that help moisturise, cleanse and soften skin, as well as fight early signs of ageing and free radical damage. Check out our natural Kaeso range available at glitz8glamour.com here for all your beauty needs. BOOKING REQUEST | Hair Beauty Makeup Nonsurgical Aesthetics LEARN | Glitz & Glamour Hair & Beauty Accredited Training Academy SHOP | Online Store BLOG | For Everything Glitz & Gl

Drag yourself out of that BEAUTY RUT

We want you to FEEL you’re getting the attention you DESERVE Insta worthy, neatly packaged and competitively priced! You’ve GOTTA get your hands on a ONE-OFF EASTER Glitz & Glamour BEAUTY BOX They’re THE PERFECT way to trial FIVE FULL SIZE new products - and find your new favourites - without having to move from your sofa. Your personally curated package will land on your doorstep - premium beauty brands with HUGE ADDED EASTER SAVINGS to boot!! SIMPLY Choose your spend £19.99

Who’s all looking forward to a lazy mother’s day weekend?

Who’s all looking forward to a lazy mother’s day weekend? Why not treat yourselves to a PAMPER with our skincare products. With naturally derived ingredients your complexions will be GLOWING. Uneven skin tone, rough texture, fine lines, acne scars, general dullness? You need our Kaeso Vitamin C drops in your life! Vitamin C can take care of it all! Just one of the skin loving ingredients within our Kaeso range AVAILABLE at Glitz & Glamour. glitz8glamour.com here for all you

95% of wrinkles are due to sun exposure

Our Kaeso Anti Ageing range is your answer! glitz8glamour.com here for all your beauty needs BOOKING REQUESTS Hair, Beauty, Non Surgical Aesthetics Appointments for 2021 LEARN NEW SKILLS with Glitz & Glamour Hair & Beauty Accredited Training Academy SHOP our Online Beauty Store BLOG sign up today for everything Glitz & Glamour! #glitz8glamour #skincareroutine #skincaretips #beautysalon #accreditedtrainingacademy #beautyobsessed #treatyourselfwell #beautysupplies #premiumprodu

Achieve those glowing skin goals

GOOD THINGS come in small packages folks and this SKINCARE PACKAGE is one not to be missed! You have UNTIL 15th NOVEMBER to purchase the AGEWELL SKINCARE SET & grab yourself a FREE BOX OF HEALTHY SKIN WITHIN SKIN ELIXIR Plus FREE SHIPPING to your door! Simply DM me Is the range appropriate for your specific skin concerns? Take a look at our AGEWELL SUPERSTAR products ideal for dealing with specific concerns during your 20’s 30’s 40’s and 50’s Why not LEARN to become a FACIA

UNMASK Healthy Skin

This luxurious serum infused sheet mask with AlgaeFIRMING Complex is a secret weapon for your SKIN delivering immediate HYDRATION SMOOTHNESS and RADIANCE with JUST ONE use AVAILABLE now at Glitz & Glamour pick one up to try at home next time your in Why not LEARN To become a FACIAL THERAPY SPECIALIST or learn to do facials for YOURSELF? DM for more information on our FACIAL THERAPY SPECIALIST accredited training course - no previous beauty experience required ALSO MAKES FOR T

Skincare: Repeat after us “Buh-KOO-Chi-All”

This plant based alternative to retinol targets the appearance of lines, wrinkles and uneven skin tone - but without the harsh side effects ! DM for more details glitz8glamour.com here for all your beauty needs #glitz8glamour #skincare #arbonneskincare #selfcare #glowingskin #beautytips #beautybloggers #beautyobsessed #beautytreatments #giftsforher

SUPER EXCITED at Glitz & Glamour today 😆

A very special delivery of lots of NEW GOODIES arriving 📦 📦 Many of my clients will know Ive had to follow a gluten free diet since last year. Running my own beauty business and writing my lifestyle blog has lead me to an AMAZING BRAND that offers an array of products which are GLUTEN FREE and VEGAN I can’t wait to SHARE my own personal REVIEWS, RECOMMENDATIONS & TIPS with you all! follow us across social media and sign up to our lifestyle blog at glitz8glamour.com for all

Skin Is Always In

Citrus fruit - It’s a main ingredient in many of our Kaeso products. Known for its toning and uplifting properties. #glitz8glamour #skincare #beautybloggers #beautytips #beauty #beautytreats #selfcare #selfcarequotes #sunday #beautysupplies

The key to GLOWING and HYDRATED complexions

Whether applied straight to the skin or mixed with moisturiser, these NEW Kaeso Radiance Drops are the key to GLOWING and HYDRATED complexions 😍⁠ ⁠ Shop them now at glitz8glamour.com or DM and il set them aside for you #glitz8glamour #skincare #beauty #blog #glowingskin #treatyourself #selfcare #beautytreats #facialskincare #fridaytipoftheday

Say hello to Kaesos newest launch...

Discover the power of Kaolin Clay with Kaeso’s new, detoxifying Pink Clay Mask 🤍 As with all Kaeso products it’s packed with skin loving ingredients that will leave the complexion cleansed, refined and detoxified. Enriched with Pomegranate, Cocoa Butter and Jojoba Seed Oil, this thick, luscious mask will purify, tighten pores and reduce redness all while improving the over all appearance of the skin. DM and Pre-order yours today glitz8glamour.com here for all your beauty nee

Beauty is good for the soul

Aloe Vera Gel is know for it's SOOTHING and RESTORATIVE properties ⁠ The high water content means it’s very hydrating, soothing and cooling. It’s also a powerful anti-inflammatory and can treat skin conditions including psoriasis, sunburn, acne, dry skin 🌱⁠ #thursdayfact #thursdaythought #beautybloggers #skincare #selfcare #beautyblog #beautysupplies #beautytreatments #accreditedtrainingprovider #beautytips

The Lazy Girls Dream 💤

It's time to RENEW and REPLENISH ⁠ Our Kaeso Sleep Oil works with it's key active ingredients to visibly restore the appearance of your skin whilst you sleep. Simply apply 2-3 drops to the finger tips and then massage into the face and neck, paying particular attention to any visible lines!⁠ glitz8glamour.com here for all your beauty needs #getyourbeautysleep #glitz8glamour #beautysupplies #beautyblog #beautytips #beautyobbsessd #skincare #selfcare #beautytreatments #accredit

You are just a few drops away from a BRIGHTENED more RADIANT complexion 🍊

Enriched with Vitamin C, this daily concentrate will leave the skin feeling REJUVENATED and RE-ENERGISED, while active ingredients will BRIGHTEN and restore RADIANCE back into tired skin! DM and il set a bottle aside for you. glitz8glamour.com here for all your beauty needs BOOK - SHOP - BLOG #glitz8glamour #beautyblogger #beautytips #beautysupplies #glowing #accreditedtrainingprovider #investinyourskin #beautytreatments #beautyaddict #skincare #vitaminc